Opportunities that found in Kigoma Region Tanzania




Kigoma is the region which found in westen part of Tanzania . Kigoma is composed with numbers of districts which are Kakonko,Kibondo,Kasulu,Buhigwe,Uvinza and kigoma district.also kigoma is bordered with two countries  which are Burundi and DRC Congo.There are are many opportunities found in kigoma  listed bellow are opportunities that available at Kigoma region.

List of oppportunities which available in Kigoma

  • Mining oppportunities ➡This is due to the resence of salt and limestones minerals which are found in Kigoma commonly.salt is found in Uvinza district in water bodies which is extracted through evapolations pprocess and limestones are found in Kasulu and used for makin chalks and in building activities these mining opportunities enable natives to be self-employed and be emproyed in large and small companies.
  • Fishing oportunities➡This is due to to the presence of diferent water bodies which located in Kigoma region both rivers and lake like lake Tanganyika and Rivers like maragarasi river and moyowosi.also kigoma is endowned wuth unique fishies called migebuka and nailfishies,Both found in kigoma in all over world.These migebuka and nail fishes are distributed in world markets during trading .so fisherman from kigoma enjoys this oortunities since they enable them to drive their everyday lives.
  • Hunting opportunities➡this is due to presence of dark forest which contain animals suitable for hunting by hunters.Those animals are found in nationalreserves so those who allowed to hunt are those who have licencies.Also this oportunity enable drive their needs of everyday life
  • Crop cultivation opportunies ➡ always kigoma is characterised with palm plants cultivation crop where by palm oil in Tanzania is found in amount. Apart from that cereals crops like maize and sorghum are dominated in Kigoma with out  forgetting stragic cros like cassava,cotton and others.Most of natives deend on these crop cultivation opppportunities to survive
  • Studying opportunities➡Studing opportunities in kigoma region are found due to resence os schools and colleges.These  enable natives and strangers to study their subjects according examples of collegges  found in kigoma are Kasulu teachers training college and kasanda vocational training center.Also these oportunities enable teachers to get emloyed.
  • Tourist opportunities➡ Due to the resence of tourist attractions that found in Kigoma like lake Tanganyika national reserves such as gombe and mahale.these tourist opportunities encourage movements of peaple from differents part of Tanzania and other countries to come in Kigoma
Kigoma region contain different oppotunities.due to the low technology and low emphasis on education natives of kigoma region fail to use those opportunities accordingly

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