How to creat Tigo master card fast and Easy way


 Hellow wellcome again to official website this is website that gives you all updates about varius tips , is the best place where you can learn .To day i want to show you how to creat or activate tigo pesa master card.
In this case i'll show show how to creat tigo master card with your keypad phones or smart phones 


follow the steps listed bellow to creat tigo master card with keypad phones

  1. dial *150*01*
  2. choose number 7(huduma za kifedha)
  3. choose number 7 again (tigo pesa card)
  4. choose number 1 (tigo master card)
  5. choose number 1 again (tengeneza card)\
  6. choose number 1(endelea)
  7. choose 2 (kila baada ya siku tisini)
  8. enter tigo pesa pin
B y following upon steps you complet to creat tigo pesa card,You'll reserve a text messege on your phone that allow card number .It better if you'll copy it and save it on your note book just copy both number and cvv.

2.How to creat tigo card wih smartphone(with tigo pesa app)

 Creating Tigo card with smart phone is too simple becous you follow steps phiscally,By reading this article you will able to creat Tigo pesa master card follow steps listed bellow to creat Tigo master card with your smart phone


  • smartphone
  • Tigo Tanzania sim card
  • acces of internet
  • play /app store

Follow steps listed bellow to creat your tigo master card

  1. Download tigo pesa app from play store or app store
  2. Open tigo pesa app
  3. Complete register
  4. After complete register click on financial services button
  5. Click on tigo pesa card 
  6. Choose creat card
  7. Enter requirements
  8. Done
By follow upon steps you'll be complete to creat tigo pesa master card and you'll able to do online payments.Just keep visting our page for more updates

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