Things to consider before you buy a computer or laptop


 The following are things to consider before you buy a computer or laptop

In today's life, a computer is a very important thing to have in various uses. There are many activities or businesses where you must have a computer or laptop so that your work can go smoothly. Most of the activities that require a computer are like these

  • Graphics designer
  • Video editing

  These activities require you to have a computer to do your work.

so now we need the best computer for our different uses, not every computer can be suitable for your use. in our use we need a computer with speed, enough storage

Important things to consider

to get a better computer

  • Brand
  • Professor
  • Ram
  • Graphics

A good and fast computer must have a large ram, enough storage for your use, a large processor and graphics.

  brand (company)

  Every computer company tries to improve its services, which leads many companies to release new computer versions every day. if you want to buy a computer, then these are the brands that can suit you right now

  • Dell
  • Hp
  • MacBook
  • Lenovo

These are some of the brands that offer good computers, although the number of companies is increasing every day.


This is an important thing to pay attention to Art on the computer because it causes your computer to work well and this does not change. A good computer should have at least a Core i5 processor.


Another thing to consider so that your computer is better and faster n RAM computer with small ram will work by striking Gina. A good computer should at least have a ram of 4Gb/8GB and more


follow these instructions to check the size of the computer

turn on the computer

click on the windows logo

go to settings

click on the section labeled system

go to the section written about

there you will find all the details about your computer

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